Our Story

Matt and Maggie met for the first time on July 28, 2006 at a Seattle bar (yes, this does still happen). Neither of them had planned to be out late that night. Maggie was out with work friends for an extended happy hour and Matt was dragged out by friends after learning his sister, Megan, would be arriving late into Seattle from a drive up from California.

Maggie had taken a deposition earlier that day and was still wearing a tan suit and argyle sweater (not exactly “going out” clothes). Matt, unshowered and clearly not realizing the “significance” of the night’s events, was dressed in his finest ripped jeans, tennis shoes, track jacket and, of course, baseball hat.

Matt, feeling confident in his appearance, approached Maggie and complimented her on her outfit. At first, Maggie thought he was teasing her, but kept talking to him anyway. Shortly thereafter, Maggie’s friends and Matt’s friends joined the conversation.

At the end of the night, Matt said goodbye to Maggie, without asking for her number.

The following day (with some encouragement from a friend), Matt sent Maggie an unexpected email message. Matt had found Maggie’s email address by entering the following search terms into Google: Maggie, lawyer, and Seattle.

Matt asked Maggie if she would like to meet for coffee or drinks. Maggie suggested that they meet for drinks at one of Seattle’s “best kept secrets.” Matt promised that he would not disclose the secret location. True to his word, Matt sent Maggie a proposed non-disclosure agreement, specifically tailored to their first date. Maybe it was the lawyer in her, but at that moment, Maggie knew that Matt was not just any ordinary guy. Matt’s bio on the Turnstyle website (Maggie can use Google too!) confirmed this. When she looked up Matt’s bio, Maggie learned that Matt’s passions include hot pockets and break dancing.

Undeterred, she met him for drinks anyway. Thirty minutes into their first date, Maggie forgot about the hot pockets (but not the break dancing). Matt was cute, interesting, funny, and incredibly warm. For Matt, the game was over the moment she first mentioned her love of football, as she drank a cold beer from the side of her mouth.

Matt and Maggie became “boyfriend and girlfriend” soon after.

In December 2007, Matt made Maggie’s Christmas dreams come true with two tickets to the 94th Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. On December 31, 2007, the couple traveled to Los Angeles to ring in the new year. The following day, Matt and Maggie watched the USC Trojans trounce the Illinois Fighting Illini and marveled over Pete Carroll’s coaching skills. (Maggie wrote this part)

Matt told Maggie that they would be extending their vacation a couple of extra days, but didn’t tell her anything else. Imagine Maggie’s surprise when they drove to the airport and the airline attendant slapped Maui stickers on their baggage. Matt had managed to plan and keep the trip to Maui a secret!

On Friday, January 4, 2008, after several wonderful days of sun and mai tais, Matt and Maggie made the three-mile walk to one of their favorite breakfast spots on Maui. On the way back, Matt suggested that they walk on the beach they had vacationed on seven months earlier. On that beach, Matt proposed to Maggie (her dirty hair, his sweaty brow, and all). Maggie was thrilled to say yes.

Thank goodness for Google.